Our Beers


They have been called session ales, lawnmower beers, and crossovers. These beers are strong on flavor, low in alcohol and tame in hop bitterness. At Hopshire we offer fruit beers, wheat beers, lighter ales and light lagers to quench your thirst. Grab a growler or two of these drinkable brews.

Amber Glass

American Amber Ale
5.0 abv, 35 IBUs

New York barley malt and British amber are used to create a malty harvest ale. Whole hops were used including Willamette hops from Whipple Brothers farm in western NY and local Cascade hops. An easy beer to drink as the season changes.


Honey Blonde Ale
5.2 ABV, 10 IBU

This beer is made with 100% New York grown ingredients! Barley from Omara Farm in Canastota, basswood honey from Morse Mills in Moravia and hops grown by Clair Haus in Lansing. This ale is light in color with a mellow honey flavor.


This category contains the core of craft beers – pale ales, IPAs, red and brown ales. These beers are higher in alcohol, offer more malty flavor and may feature lots of hop flavor and bitterness. Watch for us to sneak in a small Belgian beer or a big wheat beer into this group.

Shire Ale

Scottish Ale
7.8 abv, 30 IBU

A malty brown ale fermented with Scottish Edinburgh yeast. Flaked oats and six different barley malts including chocolate, dark crystal and amber malts are used in this rich tasting ale. Lightly hopped to let out the sweetness of the malt. A fun beer to make and a fun beer to drink.


Fresh Hop Ale
6.8 abv, 60+ IBUs

A mix of hops from 30 local growers dominates this fresh hop ale. The malty foundation includes pale, Munich, carapils and a little dark crystal. The hops were mostly Cascade but we also received Centennial, Nugget, Williamette, Chinook, Cluster, Newport and some mystery hops. These hops were added to the boil as wet hops... over 40 pounds of them. Then we dry hopped with more Cascade and Centennial hops. The result is a taste that is power packed with citrus, grapefruit and puckering tartness. Too hoppy??? Don’t blame us. You grew the hops.


English Pale Ale
6.2 abv, 41 IBU

Maris otter malt, Fuggles hops and a British yeast are used in this classic English style pale ale. More malty, less hoppy and stronger than an American pale with a fruity taste delivered by the yeast. Traditional pale ales like this have been served in European pubs for centuries.


These beers are not for the timid. This group includes beers with dark roasty malts, high alcohol content or over-the-top hops. Belgian beers with high ABV are in this group. These are sipping beers to be enjoyed in small glasses with friends.


India Pale Ale
7.5 abv, 74 IBU

A hop farm needs a big American IPA. We start with a solid malt base of pale and caramel malts and then add hops (a lot of them!) five times during the boil. We don’t stop there. We add to the serving tank in a process we call “Laced with hops”. Hopheads – find your NearVarna.

Hop Onyx

Black IPA
7.0 abv, 70 IBUs

This Cascadian ale gets a roasty taste from a big dose of dark crystal malt and a dash of roasted barley. Aggressive hop flavor from Nugget and Falconer’s Flight (a blend of the 7 C's of hops) added during the boil. "Laced with hops" in the serving tank using Cascade and Nugget. Enjoy the darker side of hops.


Cranberry Saison
8.0 ABV, 9 IBUs

At the first tasting of this beer our customers expressed the following words: WOW!, tart, beermosa, fruity, yummy. The crisp, dry flavor of 100% pure cranberry juice is balanced by the fruity flavors of Belgian Saison yeast and a dash of orange peel. This delicious beer will complement your Thanksgiving meal or stand alone as a meal on its own. Drink up, Pilgrims.