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The Farm at Hopshire

Welcome to The Farm at Hopshire! We are a small market garden and CSA located onsite at Hopshire Farm and Brewery in Freeville, NY. The farm business is owned and operated by two first-generation female farmers: Estelle Waterman, and Megan Moore. We began the farm in 2019 as a place to plant our collective dream of contributing to the already ongoing work of feeding our community, restoring health to land, body, and soil, and contributing to the crucial movement of securing food justice.

Megan began her farming experience shortly after graduating from Eastern Connecticut State with a degree in Biology. She has since worked as a full-time farm hand and livestock volunteer, with experience ranging from fiber works, high intensive vegetable production, milking cows, and operating farmers markets.  Megan enjoys working with her hands sewing, crafting, and processing food– cooking, preserving, brewing, and more. She loves farming for the balance of learning something new almost everyday combined with the meditative flow of weeding carrots for hours on end.

Estelle is a Finger Lakes native, born in Dryden, just 5 miles down the road from The Farm at Hopshire. She received her formal education in Conservation Biology, while also taking classes in wilderness survival, herbalism, nature mentorship and more. Estelle has worked on three unique female-owned farm operations, with experience managing livestock, tending market gardens, butchering and even making soap. She is passionate about centering agriculture at the intersection of many of her other passions–including climate justice, social activism, health care and community.

Our Practices

Though we are not organic certified by the USDA, we practice an entirely organic method of farming focused on minimizing soil disturbance while maximizing resiliency in communities both above and below the ground. We believe that relationship-centered agriculture is key not only to restoring land, but also to restoring our role as humans in the landscape. You can come and experience firsthand what we are all so passionate about by attending one of our garden tours offered throughout the growing season. 


We provide 20 weeks of fresh, nutrient-dense vegetables from early June to early November. You will receive a weekly box filled with a variety of seasonal veggies, recipes to help you in the kitchen and, of course, a recommended Hopshire beer pairing. You also have the option of adding both a 32 oz growler fill and a cut of beef to each week’s share. Our beef is from 100% angus cattle, pasture-raised just two miles down the road and supplemented with spent grains left over from the brewing process. In order to make our CSA more flexible to a variety of customers, we offer two different share sizes, each on a sliding scale and customizable. 

Sign-ups for the CSA typically begin in December of the year prior- subscribe to our Newsletter to be notified of our seasonal offerings

Share Options

Small Share
Feeds 1+ person
$400-$600 per 20 week season ($20.00-$30.00 per week)

Standard Share 
Feeds 2-3 people
$550-$750 per 20 week season ($27.50-$37.50 per week)

Hopshire Beer Add-On
32 oz growler of Hopshire beer 
$120 per 20 week season ($6 per week)

Hopshire Beef Add-On
Rotating cuts of local, pasture-raised beef 
$225 per 20 week season ($11.25 per week)

Why a Sliding Scale

Our CSA prices are based on a sliding scale, so you’ll get to choose what you pay. The goal of this pricing format is to increase CSA access for lower-income households, while also ensuring that we are able to create a living wage for ourselves (the farmers). We’ve broken it down a bit so you can start to gauge where you fall on the spectrum. We hope that each member is able to confidently and honestly choose what feels good, and that those with more privilege can help uplift their fellow community members. 

Consider Paying More If…

Consider Paying Less If…

Contact Us

We want to hear from you: what you’d like to see us grow and what would help increase accessibility. The door is officially open. Share your stories with us, your hopes, your concerns, your questions. Help hold us accountable in this work that we are grateful and privileged to be doing. We can be reached by email at thefarm@hopshire.com, or connect with us on Instagram and Facebook. 

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