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Hopshire Farm & Brewery is a family-owned business, run by Chris and Holly Rakow who are dedicated to crafting exceptional beers and bringing the community together.

Our mission extends beyond just brewing: we celebrate local culture by featuring great music, local foods, and by actively supporting other local businesses. At Hopshire, we’re more than a brewery — we’re a community gathering place where friends and families can enjoy the best of what our region has to offer. Join us in our commitment to quality, community, and local sustainability.

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Since opening in 2013 as the 5th farm brewery in New York, we have established partnerships with many local businesses.  In addition to malted grain and hops we buy honey, ginger, maple syrup and other ingredients from local farms.  We partner with a nearby cider mill to make hard cider with 100% NY grown apples. 

Our spent grains go to a farm 2 miles away and each year we butcher two Angus beef to sell in our store.  We are proud of our partnership with many local creameries who produce the excellent cheeses we sell in our tasting room.   One uses our Shire Ale to make a popular Shire Ale cheese.

During the 19th century, New York was the largest producer of beer in the US and was the primary hop producer in America.  We are very excited to be part of the regrowth of breweries in New York that is bringing this craft back to the state using NY-grown farm products. The two words people use often to describe Hopshire are “vibe” and “community”. 

The two go hand-in-hand.   The people who come to Hopshire form a community and collectively create the good feeling (vibe) that results.  As a business, we simply put together the ingredients of great beer, live music, local food vendors and let the magic happen.

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