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Fifth Farm Brewery in the State

Hopshire Farm & Brewery recently received a farm brewery designation from the State of New York.   We are the 5th brewery to be licensed under the farm brewery law that went into effect in January 2013.  This designation is perfectly aligned with our goal to incorporate New York grown ingredients in our beers and we are very proud to one of the leaders in the movement.  To celebrate our new license we are hosting an open house on Saturday, August 24th from 1 to 6 PM.   At this event you will be able to:

If you have any questions call the tasting room at (607) 279-1243 and see you soon at Hopshire Farm and Brewery.

Other Upcoming Events:

Lupulin Room Art Display

We are currently hosting the artwork of Chris Held in our Lupulin Room.  Stop by the brewery to see these wonderful works of art in person, or you can admire and purchase on the web via: www.chrisheldstudios.com and www.etsy.com/people/chrisheldstudios

Local Hop Drop Off

Do you grow hops?   Want to participate in a community fresh hop ale? On Saturday August 31 Hopshire Farm & Brewery will buy your fresh hops (for Hopshire credit) and use them the next day in a fresh hop ale.  
Here is how it works:
Bring your green harvested hops.  It is best if they were picked less than 24 hours before you bring them.  Remember that fresh hops should be treated like fresh produce.  Once harvested keep them in a cool place out of direct sunlight.  We cannot use hops that are sunburned, molding, brown or otherwise in poor condition.
We will weigh your hops and give you credit of $2.00 per pound.   This is equivalent to roughly $10 per pound of dry hops.
The hops will go in our cooler for brewing the next day.
We need about 50 pounds of fresh hops.   If we get more we will dry the rest in our hop kiln.
When the beer is ready (about 4 weeks) all hop donors will be invited back for an exclusive tapping of CoHOPeration fresh hop ale where you can sample free tastings and have the first chance to buy growlers with your credit.
The ultimate local beer is one that you participate in making.
Larger hop farms that are harvesting should call us as we are buying hops in various levels of processing (fresh, dried and pelletized) for the coming year.
If you have questions please call Randy at 607 229-6700 or refer to the Northeast Hops Alliance webpage for more information.


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  1. Congratulations on becoming number 5! I’m working towards becoming a part of that list myself! Can’t wait to see you guys on Saturday!

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