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Guess what, we are almost a year old. It has been a great first year here at Hopshire with all of our old and new Hopshire friends and we want to celebrate that with you! We have brewed ~50 batches in our first year ranging the entire spectrum of Mellow, Middling and Mighty which will…(Read More)

Are you considering opening a brewery as a retirement project (like us) or as an exciting business venture with several business partners that are ready to take the brewing industry by storm? Here at Hopshire we love this industry and want to do all we can to help it grow, especially in New York State…(Read More)

Are you a local hops farmer or just a beer enthusiast that has a couple vines up in the garden?  On Saturday, August 31st you will have an opportunity to share your NY grown hops with other people like you since we at Hopshire will be creating a fresh hopped ale (aptly named coHOPeration) using…(Read More)

Fifth Farm Brewery in the State Hopshire Farm & Brewery recently received a farm brewery designation from the State of New York.   We are the 5th brewery to be licensed under the farm brewery law that went into effect in January 2013.  This designation is perfectly aligned with our goal to incorporate New York grown…(Read More)

Who likes beer (especially Hopshire beer), amazing cocktails and a backyard patio full of fun and games? I know that I most certainly like all of those, but if only there was some way to combine them… Well, good news, all of these will be at Da Westy down on 516 W. State St. this…(Read More)

It looks like another big step for Hopshire this week! We will be going on tap at the Bandwagon Brewpub on the Commons in Ithaca. This will be our first release outside of the brewery, and we are extremely pleased to offer our beer at this particular bar venue. Bandwagon and Hopshire share a vision…(Read More)

This is a weekend we will always remember!  After many years of thinking about a brewery business, three years of planning and design, and two years of construction what a pleasure it was to open the doors of Hopshire Farm & Brewery and pull the taps to serve beer.   If no one had shown up…(Read More)

There is a lot of excitement, anticipation and confusion regarding the New York farm brewery law that went into effect in January.  We have been watching this law move through the legislative process for a long time.  I (Randy) drafted a version of the law over 2 years ago and began sending it to state…(Read More)