Three-full-fermenters-1024x768Our Brewery

Historically Significant

During the 19th century a distinctive style of barn developed in New York to dry hops. These hop houses included a tower or kiln to dry hops that were harvested in late summer. The geometry of hop kilns was consistent as they were built larger and smaller to suit each farm. A few of these hop houses have been preserved while there are skeletons of others. Our brew barn includes a precise re-creation or a New York hop kiln which is functional and will dry our hops. Also, construction of the building has used many local and recycled materials. Ash lumber was cut on our land for joists, the hand hewn beams in our tasting room are salvaged from a barn and our mahogany bar once held drinks in the legendary Plum’s Restaurant in Ithaca.

Environmentally Friendly

While historic in design our building embraces technology for energy efficiency. A sand bed under the tasting room stores waste heat from the brewing process to heat the building. Tubing buried in a spring behind the building circulates water for cooling our fermentors and keeping our aging room at just the right temperature. In time we plan to add a biomass boiler, solar water heating and other energy generation to become climate neutral. To veiw the variety of beers that we offer using this environmentally friendly approach please visit our Beers page.