We want you, and your fresh hops!

coHOPeration_final copyAre you a local hops farmer or just a beer enthusiast that has a couple vines up in the garden?  On Saturday, August 31st you will have an opportunity to share your NY grown hops with other people like you since we at Hopshire will be creating a fresh hopped ale (aptly named coHOPeration) using some of our hops along with selected hops from the community.  We will be wet hopping with about 50 pounds of wet hops for give it that amazing fresh hop nose and taste.  In order for this to work out we will need to use hops that are fresh without any sun damage, browning or molding (they are best if picked within 24 hours of dropping them off with us and stored in a cool environment). 

The best part about this is that we will be giving you credit for your hops towards the beer that we will be brewing the very next day!  You will get $3 credit per pound of fresh hops (this is equivalent to $15 per pound of dried hops), which you can use towards growler fills of the beer once it has matured in about a month.  All of the contributors will get first crack at tasting the beer and have the opportunity to see something that you contributed to go on tap in our tasting room.  The best local beer is one that is truly made by the community!!

In addition to the Hop Drop on the 31st we would also like to reach out to larger NY hop farms that are harvesting since we are interested in purchasing larger quantities of NY hops for the upcoming year as well (all levels of processing; fresh, dried cones and pelletized).  If you have any questions about the Hop Drop or have hops for sale, please call Randy Lacey at (607)229-6700.  Hope to see you this weekend!