Just a bit of bret gives this beer a little tang in a light ale that has the fruitiness of Amarillo hops.   Extremely drinkable and delicious.   You do not have to be a sour ale fan to love thsi beer.   Get in touch with your wild side…(Read More)

The holidays are a special time deserving of a special beer. This Brown Ale is brewed with NY pale malt along with carabrown and Munich malts to create a rich malty base. Willamette hops from Whipple Bros. Farm are in conjunction with Summit and Cascade hops. The fun begins when we add brown sugar, fresh…(Read More)

Cherry Wheat 4.5 ABV, 20 IBU Another 100% New York grown beer, this is in American wheat beer with tart cherry juice added to the secondary fermentation. This beer is made using organic wheat grown at the Oechsner Farm in Newfield, cherry juice from Western NY and hops grown in Lansing. Subtle and Refreshing…(Read More)

Raspberry Wheat Ale – 4.8 ABV, 20 IBU Nothing says summer like the smell and taste of fresh raspberries. We have captured that flavor in Brambles raspberry wheat beer. This beer uses malt grown locally by Thor Orschener in Newfield and nearly 50 pounds of pure raspberry puree. Unfiltered and no preservatives like all of…(Read More)

Honey Ale 5.2 ABV, 10 IBU This beer is made with 100% New York grown ingredients! Barley from Omara Farm in Canastota, basswood honey from Morse Mills in Moravia and hops grown by Clair Haus in Lansing. This ale is light in color with a mellow honey flavor…(Read More)

English Pale Ale 6.2 abv, 41 IBU Maris otter malt, Fuggles hops and a British yeast are used in this classic English style pale ale. More malty, less hoppy and stronger than an American pale with a fruity taste delivered by the yeast. Traditional pale ales like this have been served in European pubs…(Read More)

India Pale Ale 7.5 ABV, 74 IBU A hop farm needs a big American IPA. We start with a solid malt base of pale and caramel malts and then add hops (a lot of them!) five times during the boil. We don’t stop there. We add to the serving tank in a process…(Read More)

Scottish Ale 7.8 ABV, 30 IBU A malty brown ale fermented with Scottish Edinburgh yeast. Flaked oats and six different barley malts including chocolate, dark crystal and amber malts are used in this rich tasting ale. Lightly hopped to let out the sweetness of the malt. A fun beer to make and a fun…(Read More)

Weisenbock – 8.4 ABV Wheat malt and lager yeast fermentation give this beer the feel of a lighter beer.  Chocolate and dark caramel malts provide a richness that is sensuous on the tongue.  This is a big beer that drinks like a light beer.  Watch out for the Sneaky Weasel…(Read More)