This brew is a traditional European style of sour ale that uses lactobacillus to sour the wort prior to boiling.   The result is a beer that is clean, tart and fruity that is extremely refreshing in hot weather.  During the boil lemon peel and lemon grass are added to complement the tartness of the beer…(Read More)

Blonde Coffee Stout 5.5 ABV 33 IBUs Beautiful Buzz is a collaboration with Portland Brewing (OR), Copper Horse Coffee and Hopshire.   It is the brainchild of Portland brewer Courtney Lacey.    The beer is lighter than a traditional stout but gets a roasted flavor from dark roast coffee as well as amber and Maris Otter…(Read More)

One reason we opened a brewery was to brew this beer. The marriage of a strong stout and a used whiskey barrel is just too good to resist.   Our imperial stout is brewed with pale malt and Cascade hops which are both grown in NY.  We also use roasted barley, dark caramel and chocolate malts…(Read More)

Enjoy a light and flavorful hefe. In tribute to our neighbors this beer channels the “Summer of Love” 1960’s style.   Brewed with barley and wheat malt this beer is then fermented using a traditional German weizen yeast giving it a balance of clove and banana flavors.  Garnish with an orange slice if you must…(Read More)

In collaboration with Hollenbeck’s Cider Mill in Virgil, NY we are proud to present our first hard cider.    Using Northern Spy Sugar Crisp, Rome and Winesap apples this cider is dry with great apple nose and flavor…(Read More)

This is the barrel aged version of our popular Shire Ale.   This batch was aged in fresh barrels from Buffalo Trace bourbon.   The barrel version is much drier than the original Shire and, of course, has a full nose and taste of bourbon and oak.   Just what you need to sip on cold nights…(Read More)

Juicy.   That is the best description for the new style of beer called New England IPA.  True to style this beer is brewed with no hops in the boil.  Then a boatload of Citra, Mosaic, Centennial and Galaxy hops are used after the boil and for dry hopping.  The result is a beer with intense…(Read More)

Just a bit of bret gives this beer a little tang in a light ale that has the fruitiness of Amarillo hops.   Extremely drinkable and delicious.   You do not have to be a sour ale fan to love thsi beer.   Get in touch with your wild side…(Read More)

The holidays are a special time deserving of a special beer. This Brown Ale is brewed with NY pale malt along with carabrown and Munich malts to create a rich malty base. Willamette hops from Whipple Bros. Farm are in conjunction with Summit and Cascade hops. The fun begins when we add brown sugar, fresh…(Read More)